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Fifth Day in Antalya
img 8333In fifth round there were many interesting results. The Uzbek prodigies, GM Javokhir Sindarov (U-15) and IM Yakubboev were both held to draws by local players FM Özenir and FM Aydınçelebi which showed once again that ratings are just numbers!

After five rounds Dolas(IND) in u-7, Begmuratov in u-9, Amanzhol(KAZ) in u-7 Girls and Ulziikhishigjargal in u-17 girls are the only players left with perfect scores. All the other players have shed at least half a point or more which highlights the fact that there are no easy games here!

The sixth round of the championship will start on Tuesday April 23 at 15:00 local time. We wish good luck to all players! 

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Fourth Round
IMG 7829
Things are heating up in Antalya! Many favorites hold on to their grounds whereas others lose points here and there. Still everything to play for!

Today we have seen a top battle in u-17 section. It’s basically as they say a two horse race there, between two Uzbek prodigies: IM Yakubboev and IM Vokhidov. They have played a complicated game where first Yakubboev seemed to be busted but after Vokhidov misplayed he took full control of the game to score a fine win! A top class struggle at World Schools Chess Championship! Many other games were interesting to follow, with instructive mistakes and occasional brilliancies!

The fifth round of the championship will start on Monday April 22 at 15:00 local time. We wish good luck to all players!

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Third Round in Antalya
IMG 7396
Today was the third day of 2019 World Schools Chess Championship. Again young players showed great fighting spirit and enthusiasm and there were many hard-fought battles!

Let’s have a look at the age categories in the open section one by one. In u-7 we see two Indian players Dolas and Khandhadia and an English player Damodaran sharing the lead with 3 points. This number will certainly decrease in the fourth round. In u-9 there are six players with full points including the top seed Begmuratov (UZB) and third seed Mamedov (KAZ).  In u-11 there are four players with full points but all with starting ranks no more than 8th. The top seeds in this category have all shed points in the first three rounds. In u-13 we see a Turkish dominance with only two players at 3/3 and both being Turkish: Öztürk and Yavuz. U-15 we have a heavy favourite: the Uzbek phenomenon GM Javokhir Sindarov. He’s sharing the lead with a local player, Biçer, a situation which won’t last long as they face each other in the 4th round. Finally u-17 is also where Uzbeks expect to finish on top, this time for first two places as they have both IM Yakubboev and IM Vokhidov in this category. As expected by now they already have a gap of a full point with others and soon we might see a race between two Uzbeks only.
Second Day At 2019 World Schools Chess Championship
IMG 7152
The second round of 2019 World Schools Chess Championship has been played today. The round saw many interesting and hard-fought battles between young players and the results show that nothing should be taken for granted in a field of determined youngsters!

There were many upsets today, such as second see Jaakkola’s (FIN) loss to Omar (KAZ) in u-9, the loss of top Turkish players who are pretty much at the top of the starting list of u-11, FM Flores’ loss to Tarhan (TUR) in u-13 or WFM Nurgali’s draw in u-15 girls with Tikvesli (TUR). We should generally say that Uzbek players who are favorites of their categories have fared well so far while the other countries with high hopes have seen some of them falter.

The third round of the championship will start on Saturday April 20 at 15:00 local time. We wish good luck to all players! 

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2019 World Schools Chess Championship Has Started!
IMG 6598
2019 World Schools Chess Championship has started in Antalya! After the opening ceremony attended by FIDE Vice President & TCF President Gulkiz Tulay and ECU President Zurab Azmaiparashvili, Ms. Tulay made the ceremonial first move and with it the first round of the championship started.

There are 392 players from 33 different countries competing in age categories of u-7, u-9, u-11, u-13, u-15 and u-17 with each age group divided into open and girls categories. Uzbekistan has brought their world class talents such as GM Javokhir Sindarov (u-15) and IM Yakubboev and IM Vokhidov in u-17 and they are likely to get at least in some categories medals.  At a first glance other countries which will have a good chance at medals are Kazakhstan and the hosts Turkey, from which 125 (!) in total are participating!

We haven’t witnessed many surprises in the first round and the favorites generally have won their games but some young players also managed to surprise their opponents. However with each round things will surely get more and more tough for all!

The second round will start on Friday April 19 at 15:00 local time. Good luck to all players!

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